About us


How often have you wanted to go to the cinema and been forced to look at four different websites, scan through lists of films, cinemas and showtimes, and then go somewhere else to buy the tickets?

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Our research has shown that most people visit three or four different websites before deciding on a film, location and time - MovieGlu allows you to do everything in one place.

As film lovers ourselves, we became frustrated by how difficult it was to do a simple search, and so decided to put the needs of the user at the center of everything we do.

What is MovieGlu?

It's all about making your search for cinema showtimes easier.

MovieGlu is a new and innovative type of search engine for cinema listings, loosely based on the timeline style of on-screen TV guides which show the start and end times of each film.

Instead of showing old fashioned lists of films and times for each cinema, we display our search results using this more visual method. Users can search for a film and see which cinemas are showing it locally. Alternatively, search for nearby cinemas, and see what films are showing there.

Once you've found the film you want to see, you can then buy tickets directly via one of the links on our website. There are also pages showing trailers, posters, synopses, reviews, cast members and loads more.

MovieGlu is currently available in the United States and United Kingdom, with more countries coming soon. The MovieGlu team is located in the UK.

What's next?

It’s still early days for us at MovieGlu, but we plan to add loads more features aimed at simplifying the user experience in the coming months.

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