Cinema listings data and APIs

We've done all the hard work

MovieGlu can help your business by providing cinema listings data. We also have white label websites and apps that you can simply plug in to your existing service.

If you're thinking about building a service for cinema listings, we can save you time and provide all the resources you need.

Visit our developer pages for more information.

Full technical solution

MovieGlu can provide the following:

  • A fully comprehensive database of all the latest film and cinema data
  • Includes major chains and small independents
  • Data available for over 60 countries worldwide
  • APIs that allow you to retrieve data on-demand
  • White label solutions for you to include in your service
  • Bespoke development solutions, by a team that understands the business
  • Deep links to cinema booking pages
  • Integration with affiliate schemes to help you earn money from your service.

Cinema data is a great way to add useful content to websites and apps and encourage more people to use your service.

If you would like to know more about how we can help, get in touch today.