The changing face of movie showtimes

Movie showtimes have always generated lists. For decades, newspapers included cinema showtimes in their classifieds section, or as advertisements. One thing that hasn’t changed much in that time is the way the information is displayed.

Movie-goers usually visited their nearest movie theater because it was close to home, and there wasn’t a great deal of choice. Nowadays, with the emergence of out of town multiplex cinemas, people will travel farther to see movies at times and locations convenient for them.

New York Daily News, December 1980

New York Daily News, December 1980

Challenge: Find which showing of “Flash Gordon” starts nearest to 8pm.

The images on this page illustrate how little things have changed since the 1980s, and probably further back since the dawn of the big screen.

Scroll to the end to see how MovieGlu plans to disrupt the movie search market with a fresh approach to finding cinema showtimes.

Fandango, March 2014

Fandango, March 2014

Movie Tickets

IMDB, March 2014


Challenge: Using each website, find which showing of “The LEGO Movie” starts nearest to 8pm.

The team at MovieGlu realised that people are now more mobile, and their choice of movies, times and locations is more varied than ever.

We responded by visually presenting the “what, where and when” in a single screen for users to quickly scan their preferred start time.

MovieGlu, September 2014


Challenge: Find which showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy” starts nearest to 8pm.

And there’s more:

  • Visual grid-based timeline display
  • Natural search for locations - including cinema names, cities, districts, street names and zip/postcodes
  • Completely “Ad free”.