Singham (Punjabi)
  • 9th Aug 2019
  • 2 hrs 26 mins

A valiant and a righteous cop Dilsher Sikhon (Parmish Verma) joins as a Deputy Superintendent of Police in his own village Singham Khurd to rehabilitate the drug engulfed youth of Punjab. Destiny sets him against corrupt Bhuller (Kartar Cheema) a powerful businessman, mafia boss and an aspiring politician. Bhuller challenges Dilsher Sikhon's ethics and beliefs, but with support of his love and faith in his values- Singham gets back at him and his goons with a louder roar.

Sonam Bajwa, Kartar Cheema, Sardar Sohi, Rupinder Rupi, Prakash Gadhu
Navaniat Singh
Dheeraj Rattan
Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Abhishek Pathak
Action/Adventure, Drama