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MovieGlu is a movie theater search engine that enables fans to quickly and easily find the best combination of movie, theater and showtime.

The service is loosely based on the intuitive timeline layout of on-screen TV guides which show both the start and end times of each movie.

Instead of showing long lists of movies and times for each theater, MovieGlu is different because we display our search results using this more visual method.

You can view our explanatory video here.

Press Kit

Our Press Kit contains:

  • MovieGlu additional information, including Company information, founder biographies, statistics and FAQs
  • Photos, logos and screenshots

Download our Press Kit here.


  • Derek Morgan - CEO and Co-founder
  • Steve Morgan - Co-founder


  • United States
  • United Kingdom

Media Enquiries

Please address all media enquiries to:
      Derek Morgan
      +44 (0)7740 287493

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